The Shades of Grey : A Basic Photography Workshop

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Wouldn’t you want that when you go out and see the world, you are able to capture the beauty right in front of you as you see it?

Would you want to be the one to personally capture great memories of your children and family?

Do you already have a DSLR but still shooting in auto-mode?


You might probably be saying, “won’t our smartphone do the job?”

Or “I have friends or other relatives who can shoot for me”

I’m not techie – learning the camera is too complicated.

I can learn this through all the online courses available

Here’s some of what the students we have taught said :

“The workshop served as an eye opener for me to fully appreciate the beauty of photography.  I had a great time with my mentors who led and guided me along the way.  They taught personal techniques on how I can create a very good shot with right composition and camera settings. ” – Reuben

” I have gained confidence in taking my shots especially during out-of-town field works.  I’ve learned to use the manual mode with ease as well in composing my shots. I’ve also learned that one does not need a very expensive DSLR and lens to take a good shot, all you need is to learn the basics of photography form the masters. ” – Cesar

“I got my camera two years ago. Since day one I was trying to learn on my own, and then God opened the opportunity for me to get into the tide.  During the program and after I learned to be passionate in my shooting.  The more I learned, the more I became enthusiastic.  I didn’t aim to be a pro at this, only the best in what I can create for the glory of God” – Joel

Do you want to finally use your dslr to its full capacity by learning to shoot in manual mode instead of auto?

Do you want to be able to capture those fleeting priceless moments and milestones of your children and family?

Do you want to be able to travel and capture in time the beauty that you see right in front of you?

Do you want a photography workshop that will guide you with personal mentoring each week?

Congratulations, you have found what you are looking for!

Hi! We are the Perfect Grey Photography, we’ve been shooting weddings, family & baby portraits, fashion & editorial spreads as well as other product & corporate shoots for the past 8 years.  We’ve been teaching several photography workshops since 2011 in Laguna and abroad with an aim to educate people on the basics of photography.


There’s no need to be overloaded with all the photography information online and in books because we have cut through all that clutter for you and taken only the most important topics you need to digest as a beginner in photography.

You just need this one seminar to kick off a life of better pictures.

Its quickly from zero knowledge to shooting in full manual.  You don’t need to hire a professional photographer because you can capture great moments yourself.  And every priceless moment can be captured beautifully right then and there by you.


This workshop is a surefire way to learning to use your dslr camera and taking great pictures.  Your artistic eye will be developed.  No more fumbling with the controls.  Personal coaching will happen every week to make sure you get everything right.


You just need a DSLR camera and a heart for learning.


Then you start by attending THE SHADES OF GREY Basic Photography Workshop. This is a 6-saturday whole-day basic photography workshop starting May 23, 2015.


Attend THE SHADES OF GREY PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP if you want to start taking photos creatively.

  • Know the ABCs of basic photography, all the technical stuff simplified for you
  • How to see the world creatively & capture it
  • How to use creative lighting with flash and other light sources
  • Mastering an on-location shoot
  • Know the basic tricks of post-processing your photos

Living a life of creative photos means capturing life’s moments & milestones like this :


1.  When I sign up, what do I get?

One seat to the workshop, manuals, t-shirts, certificate, lunch & snacks

2.  How will each day go?

Morning lecture, afternoon practical application / personal coaching. We start at 9am and end by 5pm

May 23 :  The Basics – artfully mastering the manual mode

May 30 :  Composition & posing – how to unleash your inner artist

June 6 : Creative Lighting – getting the hang of using flash

June 13 : Outdoor shootout

June 20 : Basic Photoshop – the next secret to better photos

June 27 : Graduation

3.  Who will the teachers be?

Your mentors for this workshop will be the photographers of The Perfect Grey Photography.  These are professional portrait photographers who are living & breathing photography & have been making a successful career out of portrait photography for the last 8 years.  These are masters in their craft excited to share knowledge with you.

4.  Do I need to own a dslr?

Preferably but if you don’t have one yet you can borrow from someone you know.  This is an opportunity for you to know if you want to invest in a camera after the workshop.

5.  What brand of camera should I bring?

Canon, Nikon, Sony  – any brand actually as long as the camera has manual mode

6.  Do I need to have a flash?

Preferably but if you don’t have one that’s okay, we will be letting you try on some of the lighting equipment we have.

7. How much is the course?

6.5K for 6 saturdays – its just around 1K+ per saturday.  If you book by April 15, you get the early bird rate of 6K

8.  Are there refresher courses?

Graduates can also attend for free the next basic photography class as a refresher.

Here’s what a student has to say :

“After the workshop I have become a well-molded entry level photographer. I now appreciate how photography works in everyday life.  I can apply what I have learned to make a good & beautifully documented path in my life journey” – Reuben

The Perfect Grey has had over 8 years of experience in photographing events, products and people, now they are sharing their knowledge to you so that it can be your time to make other people happy with your pictures.

BONUS : Get a chance to start your career in photography and become a trainee for THE PERFECT GREY PHOTOGRAPHY

Be challenged, inspired by fellow participants & break into the world of photography.

Get ready for a picture-perfect life starting this summer!  Email us now to sign up for the workshop.


A basic photography workshop

Saturdays. May 23 – June 27, 2015

9 – 5pm

Los Banos, Laguna

09267001853 – Arlene

09258473976 – She

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