{ Eco } & { Badet } : War Room Prayers In Marriage

Eco and Badet met in a church in Singapore and decided to get married on one fine day in Tagaytay.  To be on the same faith as you get married is already common ground in growing deeply together.  The most powerful weapon to keep a marriage going is through prayer. As we share these photos with you of that beautiful day, we’d like to leave you with 8 war room prayers to protect your marriage (you may want to also check out the actual “War Room” film too).


(1) Pray for his spiritual relationship with Christ

(2) … that he will be the spiritual leader in your home

(3) … that he has a heart for this children

(4) Pray for his physical & mental health

(5) … that he has success at work

(6) Pray that he can resist temptation

(7) Pray for his friends & mentors

(8) Pray for your husband’s relationship with you.


Husband’s prayer for his wife

(1) Pray for her strength

(2) …for increased faith.

(3) Pray for her work

(4) Pray for encouragement

(5) …for freedom from fear

(6) …for her to recognize her purpose

(7) Pray for transformation

(8) …for rejuvination.


The wedding day is just a beautiful start to a wonderful life of marriage.  If you prayed for each other before meeting, then how much better to keep it & sustain it with prayer after the wedding.

To Eco & Badet we keep wishing you the best in your journey!

Venue : Taalena, Tagaytay


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