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{ Charm } + { Edwin } : Ironman Love

Couples usually get together because of a common love for something – in Charm & Edwin’s case it wasView full post »

Summer in Korea : { Franco } + { Jean }

There’s something about Korea that makes you think of seasons & flowers, cuteness & love.  Thats why whenView full post »


{ Trizha } + { Ginno } Homey Engagement

What’s more relaxed than having a engagement shoot right at home!  Thats what Trizha & Ginno did hanging outView full post »


{ Mark } + { Kristhel } : Japan Engagement

Welcome to the hustle & bustle of Japan.  Mark & Kristhel got down that whole city vibe down pat. Do you feelView full post »

{ Jes } + { Gillian } : Mango Farm Engagement

Somewhere there is someone who dreams of your smile, who finds in your presence that life is worthwhile.  So when youView full post »


{ Mai } + { Harry } : Dreamy Sierra Madre

“Young Love lies dreaming; But who shall tell the dream? A perfect sunlight On rustling forest tips; OrView full post »

A Sexy, Relaxed Engagement : Mark & Christiana

I have never believed in love at first sight that we are able to to give our hearts away upon one view or that afterView full post »

The Great Baguio Chill : An Engagement Shoot

When you think of Baguio, not only do pine trees & the country club come into mind but all those cafes and otherView full post »

{ Kai } + { Mark } : A Food Truck Engagement

Now here’s a different kind of engagement shoot where Kai & Mark got food trucks during their prenup session.View full post »

{ Jeremy } + { Debbie } : Palazzo Verde

I want you to know one thing. You know how this is: if I look at the crystal moon, at the red branch of the slow autumnView full post »

{ Ronald } + { Anna } : Two Gardens Tagaytay

Having a prenup at Two Gardens Tagaytay is a walk in the park and Ronald & Anna did that with their dog. From lightView full post »

{ Ryan } + { Cheza } : The Great Outdoors

This engagement shoot of Cheza & Ryan definitely had a lot of outdoor feels to it because thats where they love toView full post »

A Country Chic Prenup : { Magz } + { Voltaire }

Magz & Voltaire love to eat out and discover places.  We were really planning an engagement shoot in any cheekyView full post »

{ Cielo } + { Arvin } : Volkswagon. Vintage. Travel.

We loved how vintage Cielo & Arvin’s prenup was!  The old house they found was just gorgeous!  So was theView full post »

{ Dux } + { Jen } : The Spark Series

Dux and Jen have something in common and that is DANCE. Jen is in the fitness industry and Dux is probably one of theView full post »

{ Jek } + { Jomz } : Fireman Love!

So what does it feel like to fall in love with a fireman? Jek & Jomz tell of coming home smelling of smoke and allView full post »

Ronac Arts Center : { Jessa } + { Errol }

If God is the architect of marriages than Ronac Arts Center is a perfect venue to showcase how lines, spaces and loveView full post »

{ Dande } + { Zette }

“But if each day, each hour, you feel that you are destined for me with implacable sweetness, if each day aView full post »

{ Pete } + { Anjel } : Roadtrip to UP Los Banos Prenup

We do love couples who come over to UP Los Banos, Laguna to enjoy the nature and rustic scenes it has to offer.  YouView full post »

Breakfast In Bed

Now here’s a recipe on how to love mornings.  Breakfast, sunshine, and a whole lotta love love love!  LovelyView full post »

{ Joart } + { Liezl } : Lumberjack Chic

Joart and Liezl rocked a rugged look in this Casa San Pablo prenup.  The lumberjack chic look was perfect with the cutView full post »

{ Jed } + { Nori } : Childhood Crush

Knowing someone from childhood spells a lot of memories.  That’s why Jed and Nori decided to go through differentView full post »

{ RR } + { Tin } : Tagaytay Highlands

Shooting in Tagaytay Highlands always means for cozy up sessions.  Sometimes when the fog hits us, it just spells forView full post »

{ Apol } + { Andrea } : UPLB Prenup

Engagement shoots are supposed to be fun and a time for the couples to get comfy in front of the camera and bond withView full post »