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{ Mike } + { Jewel } : Morning Wedding At The Farm

Mike and Jewel’s wedding was a quiet and simple one.  From the time we started shooting the preps, it was justView full post »

{ Kim } + { Jeric } : St. Benedict | The Hills

Kim & Jeric’s wedding was special because they had a beautiful baby daughter take part in it.  Planning aView full post »

{ Abi } + { Gerard } : Denim Love

A lot of different things can make a wedding special. First on the list is the love story of the couple, theirView full post »

{ Basil } + { Fletch }

If there was something that could describe Basil & Fletch’s wedding is that it was totally easygoing.  TheirView full post »

A Country Chic Prenup : { Magz } + { Voltaire }

Magz & Voltaire love to eat out and discover places.  We were really planning an engagement shoot in any cheekyView full post »

Balai Indang Garden Wedding : { Dande } + { Lizzette }

Lizzette & Dande are such a good vibes kinda couple.  The whole wedding day was full of laughter and happy tears. View full post »

{ Roxy } + { Levi }

Roxy & Levi had this beautiful wedding at INC Araneta with a reception at Oasis.  We knew Levi from a previousView full post »

{ Cielo } + { Arvin } : Volkswagon. Vintage. Travel.

We loved how vintage Cielo & Arvin’s prenup was!  The old house they found was just gorgeous!  So was theView full post »

{ Raffy } + { Minda } : A Golden Wedding

I guess only when a couple stays 50 years together, and gets married again, can one testify to the true meaning of loveView full post »

Makiling Botanic Gardens : Roanne + Lendl

So this is what getting married in the middle of a forest is like.  The Makiling Botanic Gardens is called that but isView full post »

{ Chris } + { Oli Sue } : An Elopement Wedding | Santa Barbara Courthouse California

Santa Barbara California is such a gorgeous place to get married.  Oli Sue and Chris decided to get an intimateView full post »

{ Lovely } + { Gem } : Majayjay Bed & Breakfast Wedding

Rain or shine weddings are still meant to be beautiful celebrations of love.  We loved the rustic appeal of MajayjayView full post »

{ Jello } + { Donna } : San Antonio De Padua Parish

A strong marriage isn’t magically created when you say “I Do”… it’s built on a lifetimeView full post »

{ Dux } + { Jen } : The Spark Series

Dux and Jen have something in common and that is DANCE. Jen is in the fitness industry and Dux is probably one of theView full post »

{ Joseph } + { Lyn } : Intimate Wedding Los Banos

On the other end of the wedding spectrum we also love intimate weddings because of the simplicity and straight to theView full post »

{ Jek } + { Jomz } : Fireman Love!

So what does it feel like to fall in love with a fireman? Jek & Jomz tell of coming home smelling of smoke and allView full post »

Nino + Trisha : Whimsical Makati Shang Wedding

I don’t know how to start this whimsical wedding of Nino and Trisha. Maybe with the both of them first. Or aView full post »

Ronac Arts Center : { Jessa } + { Errol }

If God is the architect of marriages than Ronac Arts Center is a perfect venue to showcase how lines, spaces and loveView full post »

{ Karen } + { Oliver } : An Intimate Wedding at Sonya’s Garden

Now here’s an intimate wedding made of floral prints, family, the closest friends and lots of love between KarenView full post »

{ Dande } + { Zette }

“But if each day, each hour, you feel that you are destined for me with implacable sweetness, if each day aView full post »

{ Pete } + { Anjel } : Roadtrip to UP Los Banos Prenup

We do love couples who come over to UP Los Banos, Laguna to enjoy the nature and rustic scenes it has to offer.  YouView full post »

{ Art } + { Liz } : Villa Ibarra Tagaytay Wedding

Hooray! Here is Art and Liz’s wedding at Villa Ibarra and St Mary Magdelene Church.  Wedding celebrations areView full post »

{ RR } + { Tin } : Marco Polo. Christ The King.

RR and Tin had this beautiful December wedding at Christ The King, Ortigas.  They got the glitz of the Christmas feelView full post »

Breakfast In Bed

Now here’s a recipe on how to love mornings.  Breakfast, sunshine, and a whole lotta love love love!  LovelyView full post »